About Us

Education. Advocacy. Outreach.

The Sex Workers’ Action Program of Hamilton is a non-partisan group consisting of concerned individuals —including those with lived experience— agencies, and groups committed to assisting and supporting those working in the sex trade industry.

SWAP Hamilton will be a community where sex workers will have a voice, be recognized as valuable members of society, and will have access to community resources that respectfully provide safety, support and choices that foster well-being.

People involved in sex work experience the damaging impact of discrimination, societal stigma, violence, crime, and poverty. SWAP Hamilton recognizes the importance of the community working together to support sex workers. The main focus of SWAP Hamilton will be to provide outreach support to street-involved workers, those entering or leaving the industry, and including victims of trafficking.

We focus our efforts towards harm reduction and to provide compassionate care. This includes but is not limited to providing supplies for safer sex, Naloxone/Narcan kits for those who may use opioids, direction towards local mental health, housing, childcare, clothing, and food resources, curated occupational health and safety protocols, personal advocacy, interactive workshops, and public awareness campaigns.

We at SWAP – Sex Workers’ Action Program Hamilton would like to thank the Hamilton Community Foundation for their $5000 donation towards our #COVID19 Emergency Fund! #HamOnt Funds are for emergency food, housing, transportation, hygiene items and other related needs arising from #COVID19 via PRESTO card and President’s Choice grocery cards.
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